Impresion Parcours September 8th 2013

BruceBrothers played las Sunday on “het Parcours”, the festival that opens the cultural season in Maastricht.



Luckily the weatherforecast was wrong. The clouds were empty in the morning and when BruceBrothers started, it was a lovely late summer afternoon. BruceBrothers drummer Rik Jongen was at the Formula 1 race in Italy. Robert Thomissen did a briliant job by replacing him for this gig. Thanks Robert.




The stage was a bit small for the seven  and later eight, Brothers and the 1 hour gigtime was UnSpringsteenly , but…. the Mariastraat rocked for that hour. With the volume of Born in the USA, the fun of Glory Days and the ride through the Badlands BruceBrothers started the show. Backstreets was played for the second time ever, so was If I should fall behind. This time no space on stage for the Brothers to walk up to the center-microphone.



Sax-player Marc Verhey was called up on stage for 10the Avenue Freeze Out. The band stopped after  “When the change was made uptown, and the big man joined the band” and Brother Frank  immediatly started to battle with Big Brother for the day Marc.  BruceBrothers  ode to Big Man Clarence Clemmons ended in perfect harmonie.  Somewhere on a cloud he must have enjoyed it.

Marc stayed on stage for Dancing in the Dark, wich sounded better than ever.  No show without Jungle Land and Born to Run.  Unfortunatly no time for American Land. Next month we’re gonna play the 3 hours plus show in the bars.








Thanks to Freddy Lefebvre and Rosie Da Silva for the pictures.

Thanks to Sjo Stevens and Arnold Smit for the sound.